What’s in each book?


  • Important qualities needed to be in this occupation
  • Activity that gets the most attention in an average week
  • Changes taking place the most over the past three years
  • Main challenges in the occupation today
  • Impact of common market issues
  • Impact of common people issues
  • Resource most often used to find information about the industry/profession
  • What’s needed to make the job easier
  • Technology that helps participants to work smarter
  • Skill-building activities currently being pursued
  • The importance of interaction with colleagues
  • Top trends in the profession today


  • What is being done creatively to impact specific trends, issues and obstacles in the industry (issues vary depending on the occupation and industry)
  • Most desired topics for future conferences


  • What motivates participants to excel in their positions
  • What the 100 participants know now that they wish they had known when they started in this profession
  • Overall satisfaction with choosing to be in this profession
  • Advice for others aspiring to be in this profession
  • How to achieve personal and professional balance within this profession


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