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The pace of change in home care continues to increase, and this book makes a strong case about the realities of what Home Health Care Agency Executive Directors face today.

As a Home Care Agency Director, you are charged with meeting the needs of numerous stakeholders; patients, patients’ families, physicians, hospitals, referral sources, and the community-at-large. Serving so many people is no easy task, but this WORDS of 100 is packed with Insights, Ideas and Inspiration from other directors that you can use to make your life a little easier today!

This 92 page e-book (PDF format) is packed with timely, valuable information from an in-depth survey that was conducted with 100 Home Care Directors across the country.

Although written for and about agency directors, this WORDS of 100 is an invaluable resource for home care staff, boards of directors and anyone who is associated with the world of home health care.

This is one purchase where you will absolutely be pleased with the value for the price (and maybe even a little shocked at how much is included). As one home care leader stated, this WORDS of 100 captures the heart and soul of home health care today.

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