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Released in 2012: E-book all about Professional Speakers
What's this WORDS of 100 about?

This 92 page e-book (PDF format) is a unique resource that offers an instant connection to other Professional Speakers experiencing the same business ups and downs that you are.

The book is packed with timely, valuable information from an in-depth survey that was conducted with 100 Professional Speakers across the country. You can’t help but feel the genuine passion and commitment of participants in this WORDS of 100 as they share their personal Insights, Ideas, and Inspiration.

The WORDS of 100 offers an unrivaled educational experience that is brought directly to you. Consider it an educational workshop you can attend while on an airplane flying to your next engagement or in a hotel room during your travels.

Being a Professional Speaker today offers a mix of long hours and hard work, but it also offers moments of connection and profound joy. How lucky for those dedicated to this profession!

This is one purchase where you will absolutely be pleased with the value for the price (and maybe even a little shocked at how much is included). The book is packed with business and marketing ideas from other Professional Speakers that you can use today!

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