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What's this WORDS of 100 about?

This WORDS of 100 highlights the role of a Public Library Director today, the essential need for more library funding and the mission of public libraries in general - all in the words of the library directors themselves.

This 108 page e-book (PDF format) is packed with timely, valuable information from an in-depth survey that was conducted with 100 Public Library Directors across the country.

As a Public Library Director, you have to create and manage library programs and services in a variety of shapes and sizes to ensure everyone has access to what they need. To that end, this book is filled with business and marketing ideas from other Public Library Directors that you can use today!

Although written for and about Public Library Directors, this WORDS of 100 is an invaluable resource for library staff, boards of directors and government officials involved in funding, as well as anyone who is associated with the world of public libraries.

As one Public Library Director stated, "I have been working in libraries since I was 18. Most people come to work at libraries thinking it is about books. We are not in the book business. We are in the service business, but with an education focus. "This is one purchase where you will absolutely be pleased with the value for the price (and maybe even a little shocked at how much is included).

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